Exhibition cum Sale

Date 12-08-2016

No. of Teachers participated: 19

No. of participants: 230

Event: Exhibition cum Sale

Swachh Bharat mission of GCCBA-50 organised an Exhibition cum Sale of Jute bags on August12, 2016.  This initiative of SBM was an effort by “SAANJHI” The Handcrafted Products of Ms. Kusum Nehra. The purpose of the exhibition was to inculcate practice of using Jute for various utility purposes that will help the society to replace the plastic bags and be more environments friendly.   Students and staff of the college supported this event enthusiastically and bought various utility items from the exhibition.

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Cleanliness Drive

Date 06-08-2016

No. of Teachers participated: 19

No. of participants: 320

Event: Cleanliness Drive


A cleanliness drive was organised by Swachh Bharat Mission society of GCCBA-50. The purpose of this drive was to create awareness amongst the students on periodicals basis to do regular efforts to keep the surroundings clean. To implement the same, the students were instructed to clean their class rooms along with the basement area.  Principal, Mrs. Manjit Kaur Brar emphasized on the importance of the mission of “Swachh Bharat” to all the staff-members and Students and made them aware about the “Swachh Bharat Mission” which can be successful only when it is taken up as a mission by the students. As a part of the ongoing mission Students got all the dustbins placed in each classroom and around college campus with a request note marked to everyone to  support the drive with do’s and don’ts on how to keep the environment a healthy place to live.


Talk on Health and Hygiene

Date 30-07-2016

No. of Teachers participated; 13

No. of participants: 120

Event: Talk on Health and Hygiene

A Talk was organised by “Swachh Bharat Mission” society on the theme “Health and Hygiene” factors that effects the environment. Dr. Gaurav Gaur, a faculty member at the Panjab University’s social welfare department, won UNV Karamveer Chakra award for his contribution in the field of social work was the key speaker on the occasion. He discussed the issues with the students regarding how one can keep the surrounding clean. His talk was well applauded and accepted by the students as the videos shown by him on the theme were quite self-explanatory and substantial to help the students to understand how and what they need to do to keep the environment clean and healthy. Principal Mrs. Manjit Kaur Brar also shared her views on the occasion. Overall the students felt that event was indeed a learning and interactive experience for them.

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